Thursday, October 29, 2009

Challenge or Accountability

Good Evening Everyone!!!

A little over a week ago, God planted a seed in my heart. This seed was getting into God's Word without a formalized Bible Study. Scary, I know. The Bible has intimidated me for a long time, I love God's Word but I always feel like I am missing something. Thus the multitude of Bible studies, books, and groups. Please do not misunderstand these intentions - I love Bible Studies and they have been used to grow me closer to God and have taught me how to read and study the Bible. I believe God is asking me to step out in faith and give Him the reigns as to what He chooses to teach me, on a daily more intimate basis.

I am offering a challenge and an opportunity for accountability. I will begin reading in the New Testament and write any thoughts that God reveals based on what He reveals. I know that God will bless this time that we (God and I) will be spending together. My prayer is that through this blog His children are encouraged and convicted as we journey together. Please feel free to comment too!!

Matthew 1
The Genealogy of Jesus
1A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham:
2Abraham was the father of Isaac,
Isaac the father of Jacob,
Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers,
3Judah the father of Perez and Zerah, whose mother was Tamar,
Perez the father of Hezron,
Hezron the father of Ram,
4Ram the father of Amminadab,
Amminadab the father of Nahshon,
Nahshon the father of Salmon,
5Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab,
Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth,
Obed the father of Jesse,
6and Jesse the father of King David.
David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah's wife,
7Solomon the father of Rehoboam,
Rehoboam the father of Abijah,
Abijah the father of Asa,
8Asa the father of Jehoshaphat,
Jehoshaphat the father of Jehoram,
Jehoram the father of Uzziah,
9Uzziah the father of Jotham,
Jotham the father of Ahaz,
Ahaz the father of Hezekiah,
10Hezekiah the father of Manasseh,
Manasseh the father of Amon,
Amon the father of Josiah,
11and Josiah the father of Jeconiah[a] and his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon.
12After the exile to Babylon:
Jeconiah was the father of Shealtiel,
Shealtiel the father of Zerubbabel,
13Zerubbabel the father of Abiud,
Abiud the father of Eliakim,
Eliakim the father of Azor,
14Azor the father of Zadok,
Zadok the father of Akim,
Akim the father of Eliud,
15Eliud the father of Eleazar,
Eleazar the father of Matthan,
Matthan the father of Jacob,
16and Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.
17Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Christ.[b]

My very first instinct is to draw out a family tree for Jesus. Seems kind of fitting since the celebration of Jesus' birth is coming soon, and to have as a focus for my kids this year (along side our customary Christmas tree) would be Jesus' genealogy.

My second thought is who are all these people? Yes, I know a few of them, but honestly, some I only have a child's picture of who they are. So if God chose these people to be ancestors to Christ, I am curious as to who they were, how they lived, what great thing did they do for God, why did God chose them??

God has planned a nice little rabbit trail for me to follow tonight as I begin looking up the names I don't recognise, and learn about them...

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