Monday, March 29, 2010

Psalm 19:7-14

These verses pack a wonderfully powerful punch to me, personally!!

We all know that God's Law is perfect, because He is perfect and that through time and attention to Him our lives are changed from the inside out!! My soul began its conversion about 6 years ago when God began drawing me closer to Him - one of the major struggles my flesh and spirit continue to have is my time. I am 100% Mary and 100% Martha all rolled up into Lisa!! The more time I spend reading God's Word the longer I want to stay there (and am irritated when interrupted!!), but if I am working (laundry, cleaning, completing an order, etc.) I am very focused there too!

So, how do I deal with this battle?? Carve out time to spend with God - ALONE (kind of hard as a working single mom) sometimes those stolen moments with God are the GREATEST!!! I don't necessarily wait for 9PM to arrive - the boys in bed - so that I can have some peace before alone time begins! I seize the 5 minutes here and there to pray and to read and feel His presence!!

Every moment belongs to God, each breath is a gift from Him! And I take God for granted! I forget to thank Him and fail to praise Him like I should! But that is why Scripture offers hope and says that we must continue to press on as we walk with Jesus!! I need to learn from my short comings, lean on Him for strength & wisdom, & keep learning God's Truth and applying it to my life. I need to be aware of how God is directing, and the only way to do that is keep the lines of communication open between us (which is my responsibility since He will never leave me or forsake me). So carving out time with Him is huge, but I also need to confess any sin I have committed & ask God to reveal any iniquity in my life that I am unaware of - sin creates a lot of static!!

V14 - Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

I pray that this encourages you to be still in His presence as you steal a moment with Him!!

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