Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Challenges for God?

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

Genesis 18:14 KJV

What do you honestly, even subconsiously think it too hard for God to handle? Is it your relationship with your kid? maybe a co-worker? maybe a financial issue? maybe it is all the balls that you have been juggling for so long that your afraid of one dropping...This image was me before God got a hold of me!! And I have tried juggling after He began living within me, and I am here to say "It is not worth it!!" Depending on God completely is the most amazing freedom, regardless of circumstances!! I urge you to take a moment and pray with me:

Heavenly Father! You are my ABBA!! My Daddy in good and bad times and I know that You are in complete control of the situation that I am currently dealling with and You have blessed me with a wonderful peace! It is so wonderful that I know that it can only be from You!! Thank You so very much!!!! Father, I lift this situation up to You as an offering and an invitation to You. I ask that You use this as an opportunity for You to grow, mature, refine, and mold me into a better reflection of YOU!!! God let Your Heavenly Light warm the spot where I stand!! I feel Your presence and I thank You for coming closer to me!!! Stay with me a little longer!!! I love You so much!!! Thank You for my big brother and his wife!!! I love them very much and I know that You have orchastrated this relationship to grow all of us and continue to bless us!!! In Jesus Holy and Precious Name!! Amen!

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