Monday, April 21, 2008

Call Upon Our Lord

December 2nd 2007 – Sunday

Call upon Me, and ye shall go and pray unto Me, and I will hearken unto you.

Jeremiah 29:12

If your troubles aren’t big enough to pray about, then they certainly aren’t big enough to worry and fret about.


How often are we faced with a struggle and we either handle with our own wisdom, or turn it over to God to handle but then don’t trust Him to actually help us? I have issues with this – driving in the weather on Saturday – I laid all my trust in my ability to drive and in my car – then I began praying when we slipped, slide and away!! I should have prayed ahead of time and then while I was driving carefully, keep my faith in God to get us to our destination safely. I definitely take driving for granted, “Oh my car is safe”, “the conditions are not that bad”, or “it will be OK if I speed a little, it is the speed the others are going”. Driving is definitely a dangerous and necessary luxury.

I look back on growing up in the Philippines – we walked pretty much every where and I may have grumbled about it, but for the most part I enjoyed walking, I had time to think and express myself along the way and I was able to be surrounded by God’s wonderful creation. If you look how cities are built now – you can’t walk anywhere safely – unless it is on a bike path that you have to drive to, or a tread mill, which if you are like me you have to drive to that too. Our worldly society is slowly killing us in so many different ways. There is another song by Casting Crowns (it’s a slow fade) about giving ourselves away slowly. It is very true – we don’t jump train tracks that are 3 miles away, we just very slowly begin making decisions and compromises in this world that lead us away from the path God had designed for us. The sad thing is a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ don’t realize that they just switched tracks and will continue to go along with this track for quite some time. Once the evil one has a foot hold, his grip on us just keeps getting stronger and tighter. If the devil has any kind of grip on you, please confess it to your Heavenly Father, be open and honest with Him, He loves you so very much, He will comfort you and take away your pain, you are His very special child and He wants to spend time with you, go home He is waiting for you with open arms.

Oh Heavenly Father, all the sins that I have, am and will commit, you already know what I have done, what I am doing and what I will do for the rest of my life – there is absolutely no reason for me not to admit to You all the stupid and hurtful things that I have done. I know that You love me so very much and pursue me whenever I am not keeping my focus on You. You gave me Your Son, there is nothing greater than that. I have messed up in the past and You have forgiven me, I try to be careful not to bring shame to Your name now, but there are times I slip and I regret it later when I realize what I said or did was wrong. And I know that I will find new ways to screw up in the future. I am just so appreciative that You are able to discipline me in such a way that I feel loved and encouraged during the process. Thank You for being patient with me. Thank You for loving me. I want to bring You honor and glory in everything that I say and do – even my facial expression as I am walking around – let Your light shine through me to further Your kingdom. Please provide the opportunities, guidance and tools necessary to complete the tasks You have assigned for me today. I am eagerly waiting Your call to action. I love you very much…In Jesus’ Precious name. Amen.

Have a great day!!!

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