Monday, April 21, 2008


December 9th 2007 – Sunday

And the fruit of the righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:18

Father, help me to remember that planting seeds and waiting for a harvest requires time and patience. Amen.


Our hearts are where God dwells and where these “seeds are planted”. I wonder if I perform all the tasks required to sow and then reap a good crop. Granted I am not a farmer, and the plants in my house have enough trouble – so my experience sowing seeds is not vast. I sometimes reflect and ask God to reveal areas where I require assistance – have I prepared good soil for Him to work with, am I maintaining that soil so that He will be able to bear fruit, or am I resting on my laurels and becoming complacent in certain areas in my life?

For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations. Isaiah 61:11

I can tell you that God will have to remind me from time to time about a certain weakness I have. I am very thankful that I am able to call upon God to help me through these tough times, and over time certain issues slowly loose their hold on me. I invite God in and cling to Him when I am struggling, allowing Him to use my weakness as an opportunity to work in my life for His glorify. There are generally 3 things I try to remember when I sin: Confession, repentance and gratitude. I have to make a conscious effort to avoid certain situations that my flesh is tempted. Then there are times where I am caught by surprise and I fail miserably.

O Gracious and Heavenly Father, You know me and my weaknesses. I pray that You will use these moments to reveal areas that are hidden from me so that I will be able to invite You in, to do Your work with in me, so that You are brought honor and glory. Lord, I am so flawed and require Your forgiveness and direction every day. In all that I do, say, feel, and think I want to be a good reflection of my Heavenly Father, and as long as I am immersed in Your Word and continuing to walk with You, I count my blessings that I have been chosen. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

Love you all!!!

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