Monday, April 21, 2008

Light of the World

December 6th 2007 – Thursday

I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

John 8:12

Thank You Jesus for lighting my path. Guide me in my thoughts and actions today. Amen.


Have you ever been in the situation wherein you are in a strange place when the power goes out? Your other senses perk up to compensate for not being able to see where you are and what is around you, but you are a fish out of water without the ability to see. Chances are you stand there for a minute looking around for any kind of light – your head is spinning trying to see anything, then slowly your eyes begin to adjust to the lack of light.

I remember having frequent power outages in the Philippines during monsoon season – I love the sound of the rain – we always had candles in strategic areas of the house for such an emergency. After the first few storms of the season we (my sisters and I) learned to use the light generated from the lightening to guide our path if we were in a section of the house which wasn’t used often (like the basement). I remember being cold, scared and alone and wanting to hurry up and get upstairs and be with my family. The fact that I was home helped with the familiarity of my surroundings but I can attest that I still knocked things over and stubbed my toe!! So relying on my own knowledge and experience – I still stumbled!!!

Now I would like you to imagine standing on a stage, the auditorium is dark and silent you are unable to see past your nose and your voice echoes from the acoustics. Then all of a sudden there is a spot light, you are able to see where you standing and your immediate surroundings. Since this light has been placed on you, your walk is easier and more fluid and you are less fatigued and not banged up from stumbling over obstacles. As a further bonus you are able to gain ground, confidence, and knowledge and trust while you are in the light. You are also joined by others like you – so the light’s reach is expanded because you are walking together.

Out of these 2 scenarios – which would you prefer? Cold, alone, scared and only able to see in spurts depending on the lightning – Or in the spotlight where you are able to see consistently, have a warm fuzzy feeling most of the time, surrounded by people that love you, being directed by our Almighty Father and knowing that you are protected. The catch is to stay in the light, venturing too far from the light is where we get into trouble (I have this problem). I think I know where God is leading me, so I run ahead, then when I look back to check to see if He is still behind me, I see that look from my Dad’s face! Now, I am 3 as of November 2nd, so parents know what I am talking about. 9 out of 10 times I will run back to Him and we both will have open arms and smiles on our faces. When I did something naughty, I still run back, rushing to be in the arms that love me and then stay there until I confess my sins and am forgiven heal and then behave for a few days. LOL!!!

Oh God, thank You for loving me, for choosing me, for your pursuing me, and for being who You are!!! I have been so lost and now that You have found me, I am so in love with You, You are everything that I could possibly need or want. You provide so much for me, and I am so very grateful. I am amazed that the Creator of all wants me – I am so unworthy of Your love and Your grace but I know that Your love will endure for all eternity and I want to follow You forever. You are so Holy and Wonderful my simple words will never be enough to express Your Majesty. God Your gift of Jesus to bring me closer to You and to teach me Your ways is such a blessing and then You allowed Him to die for my sins, God Your sacrifice was huge. I am dumbfounded at the depth of Your love and grace, I appreciate all that You have done. God, You don’t stop there either, Jesus continues to light the path that You have designed for me, You sent Your Holy Spirit to guide me and then You converse with me too. I am completely humbled by all that You have done. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

Love you all!!!

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