Monday, April 21, 2008

God's Bounty

January 2, 2008 – Wednesday

For how great is His goodness, and how great is His beauty!

Zechariah 9:17

Father, help me to see the beauty of today and to be thankful for what You have provided! Amen.


God has provided so much more than I could ever realize; and He continues to give it so generously. I am in awe of Him and all that His given. I am so blessed with family and friends that He has provided!! I am just so content and at peace with my life right now, even with the daily struggles and with new and exciting opportunities to grow. My awe is so profound I just want to soak it all in and not miss a thing.

Jesus, Your life on earth demonstrates actually how much You love me. I learn about You with the reading of Your Truth, but it is so much more than just reading, it is meditation, prayer and communing with You, my Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit moving with in me. Jesus, I can not express the love I feel, the joy You bring to my life, and the hope and courage You bring so that I can walk with You every single day of my life. Lord, I pray that You will continue to speak to me as we continue to build our relationship. In Your Holy Name. Amen.

Love you all!!!

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