Monday, April 21, 2008

The Word

December 7th 2007 – Friday

The Word of the Lord endureth for ever.

1 Peter 1:25

Thank You, Lord, that Your message of salvation is for all generations! Help me to study Your Word so that it remains in my heart. Amen.


God’s Word is Alive – so it is not like reading any other book on the planet! God reveals a variety of lessons to us, depending on our walk with Him and what direction He has designed for us. I trust Him with whatever I am facing, because I know that I am not facing it alone. If I am troubled my first reaction is to be surrounded by God’s Word – I want to be drowning in it – because I know that He is the only one capable of helping me thorough. God is with me always (happy or sad) and His Word reminds me, encourages me and reinforces this fact in my life. Now when I am happy – I can worship up a storm – and it is infectious – my poor kids!! I am able to lift His name and just glorify Him with everything that I have - to the point of bursting with joy!!! As a direct result of my actions/desire to be in the Word, my children witness this behavior and thus my faith in action is passed down to them. Now, majority of the time the kids and I crank the music and have way too much fun praising God!!! We also have our daily devotionals, and then we have spontaneous and planned prayer. Fellowship is a great opportunity to learn – so the kids are plugged in too. The greatest gift I could possibly give my boys, is a home built with a firm foundation of faith in God’s love!!!

God, You love me so freely and You have provided Your grace and Your Word for me to know You better. You have given me the opportunity to draw closer to You. I am amazed by the depth of Your love and the faithfulness You show me each and every day. Lord, I pray that I follow Your will for my life, and that the fruits of Your Spirit within me is pleasing to You. Lord, bless me with an opportunity to further Your kingdom, encourage Your children and draw closer to You today. In Jesus Holy and Precious Name. Amen.

Love you,

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