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December 14th 2007 – Friday

I…finish my course with joy…which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.

Acts 20:24

Lord, sometimes I get discouraged. Thank You for Your faithfulness and perseverance. Help me to stay joyful and keep sight of the “finished task.” Amen.


It bothers me that people take out the words of the Bible and present Scripture with “…”, but then again it prompt me to find the whole Scripture to see what it really said. I guess it bothers me that people impose there own desires on Scripture – I have no idea what motives they had for doing it, but it leads me to believe that somehow that God’s message is altered in some way. So there is good and bad for this instance – I searched for the Truth, but what about a brand new Christian who is still very green and takes the “…” at face value and has a misconstrued message. Talk about an opportunity for the devil to twist things around.

Here is the background for this, I urge you to read the whole story. Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian Elders – Acts 20:13-38

22"And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there. 23I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me. 24However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.

Acts 20: 22-24

Better picture – don’t you think?

Love you!!!

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